This is the most beautiful horse in the world… From Turkey

shit son this horse is like SPUN GOLD

Seriously. Why would you intentionally try to make someone feel bad about themselves? Do you derive some sort of temporary pleasure in demeaning people anonymously on the Internet? It will never make sense to me.

Anonymous: Is this weird? I find your neck really attractive.

I’ve actually had one other person say that. Thanks I guess!

Anonymous: You are the most pathetic, egotistical person I've ever seen. You don't deserve to date that dude and you look like dobby from Harry potter.

How much does it suck that someone who looks like a fictitious creature is getting laid more than you?

Anonymous: okay :( i buy panty if u ever sell!!!

jesus christ


waking up and realizing you still have more time to sleep


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Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - Nothing. The event will tell
between circa 1812 and circa 1820
Etching and aquatint


100 Demons - “Time Bomb”

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"Goddamn", he said, "I promised myself I’d never feel this fucking way again."

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battlewithoursouls: Hey iv been wanting to say this for a while now, i like you, i mean i really really like you. When we talk in person ( not very often ) it kinda hurts not just being able to hug you and kiss you ... I know you maby didnt want to hear this but if you want to talk about it, next time i see you say hey or something. i wont come and talk to you about it because its awkward aha. Anyway i hope i dont regret this <3

I have no idea who this is…….

Anonymous: How are you so gorgeous

I got it from my mama 😎 I actually look a lot more like my dad. I guess their genes mixed well! Thank you.

ya girl is sick

I wanna watch the wayYou creep across my skull